Dynamite for Unity

Dynamite is Tashi's decentralized network transport for multiplayer game development. It is also known as Tashi Network Transport or "TNT", hence "Dynamite" (yes...we know that dynamite and TNT are very different.)

Dynamite was built to solve a number of challenges in the multiplayer gaming space:

  • Cheating: By using Dynamite as the network transport for multiplayer games, certain classifications of cheating, like 'lag switching' or local state hacking are inoculated since no inputs are processed until the fastest 2/3 of players observe it.

  • Regional performance improvement: Where players are geographically close, game session latency can be dramatically decreased relative to client-server architectures.

  • Simplified network configuration: Due to the innovative peer-to-peer consensus engine there is no need for dedicated servers or 'referee peers', simply connect the peers and play.

  • Decreased infrastructure costs: Where players can discover the IP addresses of each other, no relay or dedicated server is necessary, thus reducing the cost of network egress.

The latest release of Dynamite ("TNT") for Unity can be found at: https://github.com/tashigg/tashi-network-transport/releases