Tashi's DePIN strategy requires the coordination of peer-provided nodes. Our fundamental objective is to provide what is currently only available through centralized cloud-based solutions to game developers and publishers via our DePIN service strategy, using our innovative fully on-DAG gaming technology, while ensuring no degradation in gamer experience and adding no friction.

In Web2 there are services like BitTorrent, which is a peer-to-peer shared storage solution. This approach is acceptable for the use case it satisfies, but does not come with any guarantees about availability, performance, or security.

In Web3, we ensure a more reliable execution of services by overlaying the resource layer of services with an orchestration layer that adds availability monitoring, dynamic incentives, and validation of job execution. This Web3 approach ensures that game player demand is met. This is how we move centralized cloud-based gaming infrastructure into a network of underutilized peers and still meet the needs for availability, performance, and security.

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